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Every Bourbon has a story...ours has a legend

Vail's 1st Avalanche Rescue Dog 

We are proud to introduce Henry, the first K9 member of the Vail Ski Patrol Team.  As the pioneer of the Vail Avalanche Rescue Dog Program, Henry blazed the trail for the next generation of avalanche rescue dogs and is affectionately known as "The Dogfather."  Henry retired from active duty after serving 11 years on ski patrol and is aging like a great bourbon.  This is the story of Henry and where his legacy was born.


Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support of Avy Dog Bourbon.  Here's a recap of Henry's Pick, the first ever bourbon barrel pick by a dog!


Notes were taken, discussions were held, some samples were tasted again and finally the three narrowed the selection down to two barrels. Now, it was Henry’s turn to select the winner.

Two small barrels were placed in front of Henry, and two small dishes of the corresponding whiskey were placed in front of each barrel. Whichever barrel Henry went to first would be the barrel that would be used for the first batch of Avy Dog Bourbon.​

Henry the stud.jpg
Avy Dog Bottle (Front)

Mongo explained the “game” to Henry, as he had done all of Henry’s life. Being an avalanche dog isn’t all belly rubs and photo sessions. Henry has worked hard to learn the skills to find those in need and to save lives. To make things fair, Mongo did the best picks out of three, so Henry was sure what he was selecting.

The decision was made. There were hoots, hollers, applause and, of course, treats for Henry. Then a paw print was made of Henry’s left paw to stamp the barrel he picked. This paw print will be a part of the labeling on the new bourbon bottles.

Now Available!

Avy Dog Bourbon is now exclusively available at the tasting room at 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirits in Vail, Colorado. Go try it today at the tasting room or reserve a bottle on our waitlist!



Mongo and Henry CHAIR 4.JPG
Honoring Henry's Legacy

When we embarked on this journey, our mission was to leave a lasting legacy for Henry who's been a loyal and lifelong service dog committed to saving lives.  To honor Henry's legacy, we thought what better way than to give back to service dog organizations that are so important to us.  To fulfill our duty, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Avy Dog Bourbon as well from the sales of Avy Dog merchandise to support hand-picked service dog organizations on both a local and national level.    


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